Vietshrimp International Fair 2018

The very first shrimp-specialized exhibition is going to be hosted on a large scale in Vietnam, which will attract 200 domestic and foreign businesses participating with more than 150 booths.


    Vietshrimp 2018 with more than 150 booths of nearly 200 domestic and foreign businesses is going to be a connection between policy makers, scientists, enterprises, producers, exporters and other divisions in the industry to create and expand business relationships. Moreover, Vietshrimp 2018 provides a platform for all shrimp farmers in Bac Lieu, Mekong Delta region as well as in the country to unite and find best solutions for the sustainable development of Vietnamese shrimp in the near future.


    Develop, expand production and commercial activities. Experience safety products of good quality and origins. Meet managers, experts, scientists, businesses, leading providers in the shrimp industry in Vietnam and around the world. Update new development trends of Vietnam shrimp industry as well as Vietnam fisheries in general through the Seminar sessions. Experience the development of shrimp farming industry in Vietnam through tours to the farming areas.


    Production of seed. Production of feed for shrimp. Veterinary drugs, biological products. Technology, equipment and machinery for shrimp industry. Processing and exports (value added products). Service…


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What experts say about Vietshrimp

"I found that the VietShrimp 2016 has been well structured into three main events, namely; a technical conference; and exposition and a photo exhibition. These events will contribute to the sustainable development of the Vietnamese shrimp industry. In particular, the technical session will provide an overview of the world and Vietnam shrimp industries; shrimp seed production and supply; shrimp feed and feed management; environment and disease management; value/supply chains and climate change trends in shrimp production systems. This will be good opportunity for stakeholders including governments, the private sector and farmers to meet and to exchange knowledge, experiences, and innovative technology available for the whole shrimp culture value chain as well as to discuss various issues that and challenges facing the industry including the impacts of climate change."
- Ph.D Cherdsak Virapat, Director General Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA)

"I look forward to an interesting gathering of stakeholders to see how we can learn from each other and find creative pathways to support the improvement of the shrimp farming industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. About scientific sessions in Vietshrimp workshop program, from what I initially saw it looked quite thorough. My presentation on The Southeast Asian ShrimpAquaculture Improvement is an improvement tool that was developed under the USAID M.A.R.K.E.T. project. The tool is designed to foster improvement in shrimp farming based on regional realities and key market acceptance benchmarks such as the Seafood Watch program. Hope that bring a good idea for VietShrimp 2016. "
- Dr. Corey Peet, Director of Southest Asian Shrimp Aquaculture Improvement Protocol Project (SEASAIP)

"VietShrimp 2018 with the theme “Inovate to succeed” is a good opportunity for both domestic and international businesses to introduce the latest achievements, new trends, production management and advanced innovation in shrimp and aquaculture… This is also an opportunity of promoting Vietnamese people in general and for its shrimp industry in particular to the world as well as building a bridge for us to understand and invest much more in Vietnam’s shrimp and aquaculture subsector."
- Dr. Albert Tacon, Techical Director of Aquatic Farms Ltd in Hawaii


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