Industrialization and modernization; Comprehensive and sustainable development is the target that Vietnam’s seafood industry in general and the shrimp industry in particular are aiming for. That is also the message that the Fair of Vietnam Shrimp Technology Exhibition for the third time in 2021, or “VietShrimp 2021” wants to send


VietShrimp was first held in 2016 and the second in 2018. For the first time in 2016, there are still some shortcomings but it can be said that the Expo has created an important milestone for the Vietnam shrimp industry when the first time in the country appeared a specialized fair about shrimp in Southeast Asia and Asia calibre. The year 2018 made more imprint when the Fair took place in only 3 days (April 27 – 29, 2018) and received more than 10,000 visitors; attracting many partners from many countries in the world such as: USA, Netherlands, England, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India … Together, special subject seminars in the fair has also received the attention and participation of numerous managers, concerned ministries, branches, experts, business scientists and shrimp farmers.

Following that success, the Vietnam Fisheries Association continues to build a plan for organizing the Vietnam Shrimp Technology Exhibition Fair for the third time in 2021. The new point of VietShrimp 2021 is the venue. This time, the Organizing Committee selected Can Tho – the economic, cultural, social, medical and educational center of the Mekong Delta; It is also the fisheries center of the Mekong Delta. With a favorable geographical position, surely when participating in this Exhibition Fair in Can Tho, businesses will have more opportunities to expand the market and connect business.


– Introducing the achievements of the shrimp industry, promoting the image of Vietnamese shrimp in the world market.

– Introducing new technology products, advanced models, connecting production and consumption in order to improve output, value and ensure benefits for the Vietnamese shrimp industry.

– Evaluating the potentials and strengths as well as difficulties and challenges of the shrimp industry in the coming time.

– Create opportunities for businesses to cooperate in developing and expanding business markets; Promote and introduce brand products of businesses to consumers.

– Create opportunities for farm owners, farmers to witness and approach new technologies; sharing models, good practices; and from that can learn and apply for their own production.

– Exchange experience, technology transfer, introduction of modern and advanced technology equipment in the world to apply to the shrimp industry.

– Helping partners to participate in the production of shrimp (from breeds, feeds, probiotics, processes, services to farmers) have a close look and suitable act in accordance with farming criteria responsible, to ensure that Vietnamese shrimp farming is developed effectively and sustainably.

– Contribute to making Vietnam shrimp industry into a large, highly competitive and sustainable manufacturing industry; bringing Vietnam to become the world’s leading shrimp producer; striving to 2025 the total value of shrimp exports will reach 10 billion USD; in which the Mekong Delta is the capital of raising and processing high quality shrimp.



Expected to take place in 3 days: From 14 – 16/04/2021.


Exhibition Fair Center (EFC) in Can Tho

Address: 108A Le Loi, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho


Activities of VietShrimp 2021 Exhibition Fair includes:


* Quantity: Estimated 200 booths of domestic and foreign enterprises in shrimp industry in particular and seafood in general.

* Design: The booths will be divided into attractive, easy-to-visit display spaces, such as: Technology introduction zone, equipment and machinery, display and introduction of probiotic products, food, veterinary medicine, breeds, services for shrimp industry …

* Staging: Booths will be staged in two forms: Standard Booth and Special Booth.

* Accompanying services: Design printing, transportation of goods, fresh flowers, electrical equipment, tables and chairs.


There will be 4 seminars taking place during 2 days 14 and 15/04/2021.