With due respect to the guidance of the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Ministry of Health against the spread of the novel coronavirus, the organizing committee [...]

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Coldwater fish farming brings richness


The coldwater fish farming is being developed in Lâm Đồng and brings high benefits to famers and companies. A farmer from Đam Rông district said that cool weather all over [...]

Coldwater fish farming brings richness2019-12-24T11:34:52+07:00

Pangasius market in 2019 from bird’s eyes view


On 11 December, the Vienam Pangasius Association held the forum “Enhance the export value of pangasius products commensurately to the world market” to provide full information of a declination year. [...]

Pangasius market in 2019 from bird’s eyes view2019-12-20T15:17:21+07:00