Heavy rain in days has made a large amount of freshwater from the upstream fall into the seafood aquaculture area in Xuân Đài Bay, of Sông Cầu town, resulting in stratification of salt water and lack of oxygen. This has brought sudden death in lobster and fish, causing huge finantial loss.

More than 80 kg of lobsters and 120 kg of fishes (mainly groupers and seabass) of 22 households were found dead suddenly in the Đám Nọc area of the farming area in Phước Lý street, Xuân Yên ward. The loss is estimated to reach over 1 billion dong. The Phú Yên provincial Sub-department of Livestock and Veterinary came to check and found out that lobsters and fishes had died suddenly in a short time without any symptoms of diseases.


Head of the Phú Yên Sub-department of Livestock and Veterinary Nguyễn Văn Lâm said that continuous heavy rain led to poor exchange of water at the surface and bottom, resulting in stratification of salt water and insufficient oxygen supply. This is the reason for the sudden death of lobster and fish. After the incident, local farmers brought cages to the upper water level, retaining the aquaculture and preventing further sudden death of animals.

So as to minimize risks due to unexpected events around the farming area, the Phú Yên sub-department of Livestock and Veterinary encouraged local farmers not to stock lobster and fishfries at high density to avoid insufficient oxygen supply in cages, not to increase the number of cages, to clean cages for better water exchange, and frequently observe water environment in the farming area. In case of any changes in the environment or breath difficulties in animals, farmers need to bring cages near the surface, provide oxygen with possible methods so as to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in water and enable species to breathe.

Lobsters have commited to sudden death due to freshwater shock during storm seasons in recent years. The Xuân Đài bay and Cù Mông pond of Sông Cầu town have more than 82,690 cages of lobster, cobia, and seabass (high economic value species). Phú Yên sub-department of Livestock and Veterinary encouraged local farmers to take better care, protect farmed lobsters and species, and harvest species which already reach the harvest size so as to minimize damages in cases of environmental incidents.

Source: vietfishmagazine